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Shoe Care Set - Basic

Are you looking for a simple, but great shoe care set with the best shoe cream in the world as it's core component? Then this set is made for you! Pommadier shoe cream by Saphir is rich in natural oils to nourish the leather of your shoes. Also, it gives your shoes a nice shine. Optionally, you can top off your shine with a shoe wax for a high gloss finish. This set is suitable for most smooth leathers such as calfskin leather. Are you looking to treat two different coloured shoes? Then we recommend ordering another basic set so you can complete your brushes set and get another colour Pommadier cream.

With this set you can:

Deep Clean: -
Gentle Clean: -
Nourish: Saphir Pommadier
Shine & Recolour: Saphir Pommadier
High Gloss finish: Pate de Luxe or Mirror Gloss (optional)

Our plus shoe care set contains the following products:

 1x Polish applicator brush, 100% horsehair (Dark bristels with black Pommadier, light bristles with any other colour Pommadier)
 1x Shine brush, 100% horsehair (Dark bristels with black Pommadier, light bristles with any other colour Pommadier)
 1Cotton application cloth by Distinctly Different
 1x Professional shoe shine cloth (100% cotton) 
 1x Saphir Médaille d'Or shoe cream, Pommadier 75ml


 1x Saphir Médaille d'Or wax shoe polish, Pate de Luxe 50ml OR  1x Saphir Médaille d'Or wax shoe polish, Mirror Gloss 75ml

More information
Colour choice:
For black leather shoes we recommend using black shoe cream and for all other colours a neutral shoe cream. If you are looking specifically to camouflage scratches or stains or bring up the colour of the leather a bit then use a colour that matches the colour of your shoes the closest. If you are in doubt between two colours pick the darker of the two since a darker colour will perform better covering up marks on the leather. Do you need brushes and shoe cream for two different colour shoes? Than we advice ordering two basic sets to have a set of brushes and a cream for each pair. Click here for the Saphir Médaille d'Or colour charts.

Pate de Luxe or Mirror Gloss?
Don't know which to pick? Choose Pate de Luxe if you are looking for a nice high gloss wax combined with nourishing oils to maintain the leather. Saphir Pate de Luxe is available in multiple colours. Are you looking to build up a mirror gloss finish on your shoes? Then go for Saphir Mirror Gloss. Please note that Mirror Gloss is really only a finishing wax without any nourishing qualities, but gosh does it shine! You can use Mirror gloss on top of Pate de Luxe or Pommadier cream. 

  • 01 Black
  • 02 Neutral
  • 03 Light brown
  • 05 Dark brown
  • 06 Dark blue
  • 08 Burgundy
  • 09 Mahogany
  • 10 Cognac
  • 12 Hermes red
  • 14 Grey
  • 20 Dark green
  • 34 Havane
  • 37 Medium brown
  • 910 Parisian Brown

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