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How To - Colouring Sole edges

Polishing time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Check the bottom of this page to see all the products we used in this guide!

Colouring your sole edges, how do you do it the right way? This guide will help you with these actions and it will also let you know which products you'll need.

What product should I use to maintain my sole edges?
We sure Saphir Médaille d'Or Pate de Luxe to colour and maintain our sole edges. Not only does the wax recolour your sole edges, it also nourishes the leather and waterproofs your leather soles. On top of that if you brush your sole edges you will create a nice high gloss shine!

Colour choice
Which colour should you use? Most sole edges are either dark brown or black so picking the right colour is quite easy. For black you use black wax and for dark brown you use dark brown shoe wax. If you do not have a matching colour you can also use neutral/colourless shoe wax.

The reason for using shoewax instead of shoecream is that shoewax attaches better to the surface than shoecream, which also means that you have to repeat this process less often. Shoewax is also more convenient for getting rid of scratches and damages.

A more permanent fix
If you're looking for a product to colour your sole edges permanently, we advise u to try leather dye Saphir Teinture Francaise. This dye directly sinks into the leather colouring it permanently. Afterwards be sure to use also use wax to waterproof, nourish and shine your sole edges.

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